1. vividly bright and shining: GLOWING
2. expressive of love, confidence, or happiness

Dr. Becca's family moved to the area in late 2021 where she intended to rent a building for her office. However, on March 1st 2022 her youngest child was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. After this shift in her family's life she decided to open her practice out of her home so she could better care for her family. The at home office offers a warm and welcoming environment for all patients and is separated from the rest of the home.

At radiant life chiropractic we support an interference free nervous system through the gentle adjustments of an activator tool. With an activator we can adjust specific joints without putting force through the whole body. We still get the same motion into the joint as a manual adjustment, but without having to handle the neck or torqueing the pelvis. This technique takes the hesitation out of getting adjusted and ensures reproducible results. As an activator proficient doctor, Dr. Becca performs a thorough spine and extremity check with every visit.

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Pregnant woman holds green sprout plant near her belly as symbol of new life, wellbeing, f


natural birth advocate

Truly health begins at pre-conception... but we can discuss that later! As a mom who has had 3 vaginal births after a caesarian section, Dr. Becca is here to help you find your way to a natural pregnancy.
Dr. Becca is certified in a chiropractic technique called Websters. This is an adjustment that focuses on the balancing of the pelvis to allow for optimal growth of mom's uterus and baby. While she is an advocate for VBAC's and natural pregnancy Dr. Becca also understands that sometime c-sections are the best route and she supports all births. Every birth is worth celebrating and every mom is worth supporting.
If you are thinking about having children, let Dr. Becca know and you can get started on the road to success before conception.