Dr. Becca was first introduced to chiropractic care in the spring of 2015 while she was pregnant with her second child. After having a c-section with her first pregnancy she wanted to try for a vaginal birth (VBAC). Her doula referred her to a chiropractor to balance out her pelvis and increase her odds of success. She was successful in her delivery of an 11.5 lbs baby boy. She now saw how chiropractic, could truly help women not only feel comfortable during pregnancy but strong during birth.

In 2017 she enrolled in chiropractic school at Parker University in Dallas, TX. During her time at Parker, Dr. Becca and her husband found out they were having boy/girl twins! She made sure to stay regular with her chiropractic visits and in June of 2018 she vaginally birthed her twins without any pain medications. Did we mention that the girl twin was breech?

Dr. Becca is fiercely passionate about working alongside women throughout pregnancy to have empowered, natural, drug-free births and beyond to support wellbeing during postpartum.